What are the reasons I can keep a tenant’s security deposit?

They say one of the biggest points of contention in a relationship is money. That’s especially true when the relationship is between a landlord and a tenant, and one major pain point is the security deposit. In most states, security deposit laws exist to assist landlords in recouping potential damages to rental units. However, keep … [read more]

How to deal with guests that overstay their welcome

When you’re a landlord you have to deal with all kinds of unwanted visitors. From creatures of the insect variety to ones that are decidedly more…human. When guests become pests it can be frustrating all around. Besides being annoying for your renters that actually pay to live there, long-term guests can be a liability if anything … [read more]

How do I evict a tenant?

If the time has come to evict a tenant, there are a few things you should do to keep it legal and avoid a costly lawsuit. While laws vary from state to state, here’s a basic rundown of how the process should go. 1. Brush Up on Landlord Law The Landlord and Tenant Act is … [read more]

3 Things You Didn’t Know Were Illegal

Call us optimists, but we like to think most landlords out there are genuinely trying to do their best at owning and renting a property. However, we also believe that nobody is perfect. Here are three things you might not know you’re doing wrong so that you can avoid unintentionally breaking the law and losing … [read more]

Read This Before You Rent Your Property

When Mike Baird, Salt Lake City property investor and star of Spike TV’s Flip Men, first ventured into the world of property management he began by renting a fourplex and quickly found out the keys to keeping tenants happy. The lack of parking and storage led to unhappy renters which led to high turnover. Although Baird … [read more]