Why all landlords should be using digital applications

If you’re a landlord who has to vet the people you’re going to rent your property to, there’s a tool you should undoubtedly be taking advantage of: technology. There are tons of tech solutions out there that make the process of screening potential tenants and renting to them easier. One of those tools is the online, digital … [read more]

Getting a Third-Party Perspective

We get it! We can tell you how awesome our products are, but nothing speaks more than the words of our customers. We have profiles on several different sites across the web that gather customer feedback. We encourage you to go take a look at their review and see what others have to say. Have … [read more]

How to manage rental deposits

First-time landlords have a lot to learn, not the least of which is how to manage rental deposits. Not following all laws concerning these deposits could land you on the losing side of a court dispute. Here are some general guidelines for handling rental deposits from collection to return: Collecting the Correct Type of Rental … [read more]

Understanding Nevada Rental Laws

Both the state and the federal government have passed laws governing landlord-tenant relations. Since rental arrangements are a common source of disputes, there is a need to standardize how these disputes are managed and set the guidelines, rights, and obligations of each party involved. The following article outlines Nevada state and federal laws concerning fair … [read more]

The pros and cons of furnished apartments

One of the most time-consuming elements of property management is making sure your building is in good working order. After all, your tenants are counting on you for a safe, comfortable home and you’re required by law to ensure the property meets certain standards. When you own the major appliances that your tenants rely on, … [read more]

How regulation is changing the short-term rental industry

Short-term rental property sales are trending right now, and we get a lot of questions from people wondering if they should list their rental investment on sites like Airbnb or if they should look into renting long-term. While there are pros and cons to both, new regulations in the short-term industry do make it slightly … [read more]

Understanding Idaho Rental Laws

Landlord-tenant rental laws are governed at both the state and federal level. There are some federal laws that exist and are employed universally across all states. In addition, each state has its own set of rules that establish specific guidelines, restrictions, and obligations for both tenants and landlords. The following article will outline the laws … [read more]

When should you hire a property manager?

If you’re a rental property owner, the thought of hiring a property manager has probably crossed your mind at least once. Being a landlord is like owning a small business, and you really have to be prepared to treat it that way if you want to be successful. You’ll have income, expenses, customers in the … [read more]

How to protect yourself from a tenant lawsuit

Being a landlord can contribute to the community and to your cash flow. Nevertheless, all landlords need to know that part of being a landlord means bearing some risk of eventually being sued by a tenant. The key is to follow practices that are fair, equitable, and responsible. Here are 10 things you need to do … [read more]

Understanding Arizona Rental Laws

Each state has specific laws governing landlord-tenant relationships. These laws are aimed at creating an open housing climate for tenants and a fair business climate for landlords. There are both state and federal laws that govern what landlords can and cannot do. In addition, they define methods of remediation for landlords when a tenant is … [read more]