5 secrets to being a profitable landlord

Owning rental properties may seem like an easy way to make money. However, being a landlord is anything but easy! From common financial pitfalls to terrible tenants, you aren’t maximizing your profits unless you are minimizing expenses and avoiding costly problems. Here are five landlord secrets that will help you make the most out of your rental … [read more]

Understanding New Mexico Rental Laws

Each state has specific laws that govern landlord/tenant relationships. The laws are designed to resolve disputes in a standard way. In addition, the federal government has laws governing civil rights abuses and tenancies. Here, we will go over both federal and state laws affecting residential rental properties. > Anti-Discrimination Laws > Exemptions from Fair Housing … [read more]

6 ways to maximize profit on your rental property

If you’re considering making the leap to do-it-yourself (DIY) property management, rental market conditions have almost never been better. Ninety-one percent of the largest US cities have seen rent increases in the last twelve months and rental rates are also at 50-year highs, with nearly 37 percent of households renting. While the demand for properties is definitely in your … [read more]

How to stay on top of maintenance requests

If you own rental property, maintenance requests from tenants are inevitable, even if you’re diligent about regular upkeep. Things wear out over time, and you may have to replace or make repairs to a variety of items. Whether you have one rental property or several, staying on top of maintenance requests demands organizational skills. Fortunately, … [read more]

Understanding Washington Rental Laws

Rent and housing laws are governed at both the state and federal level. In addition, some counties and cities have specific rent laws that may pertain to individuals situated in those municipalities. Since landlord-tenant relationships tend to produce disputes, it is necessary to have a system of laws that settle those disputes. This includes a … [read more]

How to prep your rental for winter

Consistent upkeep is essential for the well-being of your rental property. As winter approaches, this becomes especially important in areas that experience extremely cold weather. Learn what you need to do to winterize your rental inside and out before the temperature drops. Clean the fireplace If your rental has a fireplace, it will need to … [read more]

The best podcasts for landlords

Imagine if you had a room full of landlords at your disposal. What would you ask them? How would it change the way you run your business? That’s why podcasts are so appealing. They give you access to a huge library of information from people who have spent years accumulating knowledge and making the same decisions you’re facing right now. Here … [read more]

Understanding Oregon Rental Laws

Each state has its own laws governing landlord-tenant disputes and relations. In addition, there are federal laws and municipal laws that apply in specific cities or counties. Here we will cover those laws in detail and outline the rights of both tenants and landlords as well as their obligations. > Anti-Discrimination Laws > How Landlords can Avoid … [read more]

4 ways to help your new tenants on move-in day

The job of building a relationship with a tenant begins the first day you show them around. When a renter is choosing a new place to live, how they feel about a potential landlord can count for a lot. It counts for even more when it comes time for tenants to decide whether to stay … [read more]

Understanding Texas Rental Laws

Rent laws are controlled at both the state and federal level. The majority of those laws, however, are governed by the state. For that reason, there is a wide variance between how disputes between tenants and landlords are handled from one state to the next. For those who move around a lot due to work … [read more]