Should you require renter’s insurance?

Only one-third of renters in America have renter’s insurance. Who’s fault is that? Surprisingly, the answer in some states might be the landlords. In many cases, state rental laws allow landlords to require renter’s insurance- and some even necessitate it. It makes sense. In many professional industries, insurance is a needed when there is risk involved- and … [read more]

Understanding Colorado Rental Laws

State Rules and Regulations for Colorado Rental Properties and Landlords  Since landlord-tenant relationships are an area in which disputes can arise, each state has its own specific laws that govern that relationship. The law defines what landlords and tenants can and cannot do, as well as the obligations of each to the other. This article … [read more]

How I buy rental properties over FaceTime

Over the last few years I’ve bought several rental properties, but I’ve never personally been inside any of them. I don’t think physically seeing the properties adds any real value. Instead, I use technology and a team of skilled experts to help me invest in real estate. Here’s what I’ve learned: My Team The first … [read more]

The true cost of evicting a tenant

Nobody likes to dwell on worst-case scenarios, but wise landlords expect the best and prepare for the worst. When tenants stop paying rent, break the law or cause a life-threatening disturbance, there’s no question they have to go. However, most situations aren’t that simple and evicting a tenant can be a costly production. They often … [read more]

Tenant Screening 101

The best way to protect yourself from potential losses when you’re a landlord is to develop a rock-solid tenant screening process. This guide was created to help you decipher all the information you find through a tenant screening and to help you determine what to ask once you think you’ve found a qualified candidate. By … [read more]

The best way to welcome new tenants

You went through the screening process, found an ideal tenant, and they’re all set to move in. The hardest part of getting someone to rent your vacant space might be over… but instead of switching to autopilot, use the weeks between lease signing and the move-in date to create a packet of information for new tenants. A move-in packet … [read more]

3 Ways to Optimize Your Rental Listings for Extra Cash

There are more than 23 million landlords in the United States –that’s a lot of competition. If you’re struggling to attract tenants, the problem might not be your property…but the way you’re listing your rental. Think of your listing like a personal ad in the paper. In order to attract the perfect match, you need … [read more]

Understanding Utah Rental Laws

State Rules and Regulations for Utah Rental Properties and Landlords  State laws for rental properties and landlord-tenant lease agreements in Utah are found in Title 57, Chapters 17, 21, 22 and Title 78B, chapter 6, Part 8. These statutes include the Utah Fit Premises Act, the Utah Fair Housing Act, the Forcible Entry and Detainer … [read more]

Understanding California Rental Laws

State Rules and Regulations for California Rental Properties and Landlords  State laws governing California rental of residential property and landlord-tenant obligations and agreements are contained in Cal. Civ Code §§ 1940 – 1954. This article is designed to help both tenants and landlords better understand California Rental Law and their rights under the law. Housing … [read more]

How often can I inspect my rental properties?

While there is no law (state or federal) that details an actual of number of times you’re allowed to visit your rental, federal laws DO give tenants the right to “quiet enjoyment.” Meaning, a landlord must have a reason for entering, must give proper notice (check your state laws for more detail), and cannot enter … [read more]